Could your relationship with your Supervisor be more, well, supportive? 

Grab this FREE guide to navigating Supervision challenges and remove at least one thing from your 'problems' list.

With the ideas in this PDF, you'll:

  • have a clear idea of what your relationship with your supervisor should actually look like
  • know how to structure your meetings for maximum value
  • manage expectations on both sides - making you both happier and more productive.

Hey!  I'm Gina, and I help doctoral students to move their thesis towards completion in a consistent and manageable manner.  

Even when you've got lots of other priorities (lookin' at you, caring - job - family - hobbies - commitments - life), if you've signed up for a doctorate, you probably really do want to get it finished.  But often, it falls to the bottom of the heap:  it isn't exactly a thing you can do whilst you're on the school run, now is it?

I've been there too.

And now I'm here - with support and battle-tested strategies to share which will help you move that thesis forward bit by bit - without overwhelm, hustle or burnout.

You CAN do this!

Click here to grab the FREE guide!

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